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131 and 132 for 2013

New registration plates will come into effect in January 2013, the number plate as we know it is gone!  From January until the end of June you will see cars driving around with 131-SO and from July 132-SO will take over for cars registered in the second half of the year.

This change has come about for 2 reasons; one reason is the Superstitions that surround the number 13 – the so-called ‘unlucky number for some’.  It was anticipated that leaving the number 13 on the plate for 2013 would deter sales and negatively affect the motor industry with a drop in sales.  However think back to the year 2000, many felt that that was a year that would affect the motor industry as many believed the ‘00’ plate would be unlucky, well, that actually became a much sought after plate… maybe the same will happen for 2013 which will be the first year of the new ‘131’ plate.

The second reason for the change and the real reason it is enforced is to spread car sales more evenly across the year.  January is the busiest time of the year for car dealerships with everyone wanting to collect their car as soon as the dealerships doors open after the Christmas period.  The bi-annual registration is expected to increase the number of new cars purchased throughout the year rather than a rush in January and an odd car here and there for the rest of the year.