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Driving in Summer 2014

Before hitting the road this Summer ensure your car is performing at its optimum.  We’ve created a number of Tips to follow to keep you motoring through Summer 2014, whether your making the usual journey to work or heading off on a Road Trip.  Looks like the hot weather is set to continue so it’s it important you and your car are set too.

TYRE PRESSURE: Make sure you have the correct tyre pressure in all tyres including the spare, refer to your manufacturers guide for ‘Recommended Tyre Pressure’.  High temperatures can cause tyre pressure to increase so perform a check now to ensure your tyres are not over or under inflated.  Perform this check every now and again during the Summer months.

SKODAKODA OIL CHECK: Check your oil levels to ensure there is enough oil in the engine, this maybe also a good time to change the oil.  It’s important your engine remains properly lubricated in warm weather.

OVERHEATING: Regularly check that your car is filled with Coolant and Water as the heat can cause all sorts of problems under your bonnet.  You can easily pop the bonnet and look to see that your coolant is topped up.  You can also keep a close eye on your temperature gauge to ensure it does not rise to critical levels.  The key to Summer driving is a cool engine.

AIR-CONDITIONING: Check that your air-conditioning system is blowing out cool air,    if not you may need to have a professional check the refrigerant levels, learn more about your Air-Conditioning >> HERE.

WINDSCREEN: A clean windscreen is important to protect yourself from the glare of the sun, the glare can cause lack of visibility which can lead to collisions so ensure you have your windscreen washer topped up and that your wiper blades are in good working order.  Having sunglasses for driving are also handy.

LIGHTS: Be sure to always check your lights before setting off on a journey to ensure all lights are working – parking, dim, full, fog and brake lights.  Check your lights before setting off on your next trip, ask a family member to help you, you can sit into the car putting on each light while they tell you what is and is not working.

ESSENTIAL ITEMS FOR YOUR BOOT: Jump Leads, Water, Gloves, Flashlight and a Blanket.

We’re offering a FREE Summer Car Check to all motorists.  Contact us today to book yours. Keep your car running smooth this Summer.

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