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Fabia Review from a Young SKODA Fan

One of our youngest SKODA fans has reviewed the new Fabia for us, we really wanted to share his views with you, have a read…

“The new Fabia is a new design improvement, inside and out, and comes with plenty more customisable options from the last generation Fabia.  The exterior has sharp edgesreflecting the Vision C concept car, which was revealed in Geneva in Spring.  The new Fabia comes on a range of solid colours, however it can also be enhanced with the new colour concept – the ability to use 2 colours, one colour for the body and another colour for the roof/windscreen frame.  This option gives the car a new sporty look.  The Fabia can also, for the first time be configured with a strip of LED daytime running lights which are positioned under the headlights, they have a ‘crystallised effect’ and have a cool look  on the newly designed Fabia and fit in with its new sharp sporty design.  The rear of the car has the traditional SKODA ‘C’ shaped lights but in a slightly new design continuing the sharp edges right from the bonnet through the side and finishing at the rear.

The interior of the car continues to impress.  It comes with a lot of new technology; if the car is configured with the touchscreen ‘Bolero’ system, a new technologyfor SKODA called MirrorLink.  This operates by connecting a smart phone by USB cable.  It can then mirror and operate apps on the screen.   Navigation can be set up  on the smart phone and mirrored to the Bolero screen along with other compatible apps available on app stores.

The Fabia also comes with more space for passengers and in the boot.  The buyer has the option of choosing Climatronic air-conditioning and heated front seats.  The seats too come in a range of colours to go with the sporty theme of the car.  One of the colour options for the seat fabric is light blue/black/silver combination.  The new Fabia also comes with a range of Simply Clever options for extra storage.

Overall it is a great design improvement with great new technology and more space”

By Cian Burns.

We’d like to thank Cian for taking time out to come and see the Fabia and then putting his views to paper for us.  Cian done a great job.