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Timing Belt Replacement

Your timing belt is the most important maintenance item in your engine.  Think of your timing belt as the conductor of the complex mechanical orchestra that is your car’s engine. If things don’t happen just at the right time, the whole piece is thrown off.

Timing belts should be replaced after 120,000km for diesel vehicles and 90,000 for petrol vehicles* OR every 4 years depending on which comes first.

The timing belt is vital to your ŠKODAs health.  It is important to keep an eye on it – an expert’s eye!

For added piece of mind all Parts fitted come with a 2 Years Manufacturers Warranty.

What we will do on the Day…

  • Strip down the relevant components of the engine and renew the Timing Belt, tensioner, water pump     and coolant.
  • Reassemble, road test and the record the work in your ŠKODA Service Book.
  • Wash your car.

Call us on 071 916 1500 to book your vehicle in for a Timing Belt inspection or you can get in touch now by filling in the Service Enquiry Form to the right of this page.

Terms & Conditions Apply.

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