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Friday the 13th - Not so Unlucky for SKODA Drivers


Friday the 13th has always being described as being 'unlucky for some'.  This Friday the 13th, we want to try and change that...  Hit that PLAY Button to find out how to WIN your SKODA Service for FREE.

We're inviting SKODA Drivers to chance their luck at winning their car service for FREE on Friday the 13th of September.  To enter, we ask you to book your SKODA in for its annual service on Friday the 13th and when it comes to your bill, simply flip a coin with your Service Advisor Emma for a 50/50 chance to WIN your Service for FREE.

Terms & Conditions Apply

  • SKODA Car Service must be booked for 13/09/2019.
  • Limited number of Services available on the day.
  • Covers a SKODA Service up to the value of €149.
  • Additional work required / agreed to on the day must be paid for by the customer.
  • Customer must flip the coin, call Heads or tails in the air and the coin must land on the customers hand.
  • If the coin falls on the ground, etc it must be flipped again.
  • Customer must agree to the coin flip being videoed by Burns Car Sales and said video being used as Burns Car Sales see fit.  Namely for marketing purposes on the company website and Social Channels.

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