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ŠKODA Connect App
Allows you to remotely monitor and control your connected ŠKODA car.
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ŠKODA Connect Portal
Lets you manage your ŠKODA Connect
services easily.
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ŠKODA Connect Availability
Simply check out ŠKODA Connect service availability in your country.
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Infotainment Online

Infotainment Online services will help you to reach your destination safely and comfortably, every time. They are available for the Amundsen and Columbus ŠKODA infotainment systems. Service validity is renewed periodically.

With Online Traffic Information rest assured you will always reach your destination on time and avoid all obstructions along the way by receiving all the latest traffic news straight to your car.

Browse a list of Petrol Stations, their location and fuel prices anytime you want .

A sinlgle click will navigate you to the nearest Parking Space, it will also show you opening hours and prices so no need to waste time searching for a spot.

What's the Weather like at your destination? The Infotainment System will let you know with a click and can also give you 1-3 days forecasts.

Display the latest News, find Points of Interest, enter YOUR Points of Interest, transfer a Route Map for your next trip and more...

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Care Connect - Proactive Service

Proactive Service is ready to help you deal with malfunctions or any other issues related to the condition of your vehicle. The car automatically contacts a service centre or calls for assistance if you have a minor accident. If you buy Care Connect, Proactive Service is free for 14 years. Care Connect services are compatible with most infotainment systems.

No longer is there need to fret about ensuring your ŠKODA is serviced on time, your vehicle will now do this for you by reporting Service Requirements to the back server.  We will then contact you to arrange an appointment.

Need Roadside Assistance? Simply press a button on the roof module of your car and it will connect you to the Roadside Assistance Call Centre.  The car transmits data on position and condition so that the operator can resolve your issue efficiently.

You can connect with the Customer Car Call Centre at any time in relation to queries on your vehicle or SKODA Connect by simply pressing the roof module button to contact the call centre and more...

Care Connect - Proactive Service SKODA


Emergency Call

A very important part of ŠKODA Connect is the Emergency Call safety feature that comes as part of the Care Connect service package and is free of charge for the car’s entire lifetime.

SKODA Emergency Call


Emergency Call's main task is to provide instant assistance .  It is activated automatically following an insident if sensors report a major accident.  

The car establishes an audio and data connection to a special emengency call centre and conveys all the necessary information.  A voice call is established and the customer is looked after until help arrives.


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