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Skoda Range

Our Customer Promise


1. We find a vehicle solution that meets the customers unique needs.

We will always:

  • Try to fully understand your needs and expectations
  • Offer different models and explainthe advantages 
  • Explain the features that you are intersted in
  • Honestly help you to compare our car with other car options you may consider
  • Prepare different car configurations tailored to meet your needs

    2. We provide an exceptional test drive experience and explain the car benifits.

    We will always:

  • Offer you a test drive
  • Make available a clean car ready for driving
  • Provide you with a tailor-made test drive route
  • Give a clear demonstration of the vehicle functions
  • Look for feedback upon your return

    3. We ask for product and service feedback early in the ownership experience - and act on it.

    We will always:

  • Contact you within 3 days to ask for feedback
  • Ensure that you understand all the features on your new car
  • Offer you another visit to us for additional car explaination if necessary




4. We provide a detailed, accurate estimate in advance of a service.

We will always:

  • Perform a walk around of the car together with you where possible
  • Specify all work required, preliminary costs and the handover time
  • Offer a solution to keep you mobile
  • Carry out a full Vehicle Health Check

    5. We guarentee authenticity of a service and explain in detail the work and the cost.

    We will always:

  • Provide an explaination of the completed work and any related costs
  • Confirm the authenticity of our work and the related costs by adding our signature
  • Inform you about future maintenance requirements
  • Return your vehicle washed and hoovered
  • Follow up to enquire about your satisfaction

    Skodas Customer Promises






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