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The all-new Škoda Kodiaq: More spacious, functional and sustainable than ever before



  • Second generation of the large Škoda SUV boasts powerful appearance, innovative new features and even more space
  • Exterior introduces first elements of the new Modern Solid design language and includes new technologies such as TOP LED Matrix headlights
  • New interior concept combines sustainable materials and spacious design with innovative controls such as the new Škoda Smart Dials
  • Offering the right option for every customer: power outputs from 110 kW (150 hp) to 142 kW (193 hp) and a new plug-in hybrid drivetrain with an electric range of more than 100 km
  • The new Kodiaq is arriving in Ireland in 2023. Early ordering is advised.

Mlada Boleslav, 4 October 2023 - Škoda Auto presents the second generation of the Kodiaq. It takes sustainability and efficiency to the next level and comes with a new interior concept. The all-new Kodiaq features a 13-inch infotainment display, innovative Škoda Smart Dials with haptic controls and a new range structure with Design Selections. Many new and improved assistance systems, including the new Turn and Remote Park Assists. Its five powertrains offering outputs from 110 kW (150 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp) now also include a plug-in hybrid version - a first for the Kodiaq - with an electric range of more than 100 kilometres. The two top engines are mated to all-wheel drive as standard. Also making their debuts are the latest generations of the LED Matrix headlights and the Dynamic Chassis Control system. To date, 841,900 Kodiaqs have been produced and have found customers in 60 markets worldwide. In Ireland over 11,000 Kodiaqs have been delivered. Klaus Zellmer, CEO of Škoda Auto, says: "Our all-new flagship SUV has everything it needs to be a worthy successor in the Škoda Kodiaq line. The new Kodiaq takes the Škoda features our customers appreciate to the next level: more space, more features, and more efficiency. With innovations like the well-received Smart Dials and sleek interior materials, alongside elements from our Modern Solid design language and updated safety and assistance systems, the next-generation Kodiaq makes every day exploring even more rewarding. We have also broadened our range of highly efficient powertrains, introducing a plug-in hybrid with an electric range of over 100 km, furthering our commitment to sustainable mobility. Since its 2016 launch, the Kodiaq has played a crucial role in Škoda's growth, consistently striking a chord with our customers. The new Kodiaq is perfectly placed to continue this successful legacy."

Second generation offers new design, greater sustainability and new technologies

On the exterior, the advanced TOP LED Matrix headlights immediately catch the eye, while in the interior, recycled textiles and leather originating from an eco-friendly tanning process reflect the brand's clear focus on sustainability. In addition to the new range structure with specific Design Selections and optional packages, the Kodiaq also features a new interior concept. The infotainment display is now free-standing, with a screen diagonal of up to 13 inches. A head-up display is available as an option for the first time. The gear selector lever is now mounted on the steering column, which provides more space in the centre console. The new Škoda Smart Dials are a first for Škoda. They combine haptic controls with a 32-millimetre digital display, providing intuitive, easy and customisable access to numerous vehicle and infotainment functions. The new Phone Box enables inductive charging of two smartphones at a time, delivering 15 W of power and also cooling the devices during the charging process.

Premiere for plug-in hybrid with an electric range of more than 100 kilometres

The new Kodiaq is available with diesel and petrol engine options delivering outputs from 110 kW (150 hp) to 150 kW (204 hp). A new addition to the range is the Kodiaq's first ever plug-in hybrid powertrain. It offers a system output of 142 kW (193 hp) and an all-electric range of more than 100 kilometres. In addition, the 1.5 TSI with 110 kW {150 hp) marks the debut of mild-hybrid technology in the Kodiaq. The range topping 2.0 TDI diesel provides 142 kW (193 hp) via all-wheel drive. All powertrains in the new Kodiaq are mated to a DSG automatic transmission as standard.

Kodiaq in Ireland

The Kodiaq has been a success story in Ireland with over 11,000 happy customers since the model launched in 2017. The Kodiaq is sold exclusively as a seven seat vehicle in Ireland and is valued by families and fleet customers for its practicality and durability. Irelands best selling medium/large SUV in 2022, the Kodiaq was Škodas best selling model that year. Diesel is the powertrain of choice for 96% of Irish customers with the 4x4 power train finding less demand in line with recent milder winters. The new Kodiaq is expected to arrive in Ireland in May 2023. Prices will be available closer to launch. Early ordering is advised.

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